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Personal Training

Training sessions are designed to maximize fitness levels relative to your time constraints and needs. As part of the training you can expect:

  • custom, expertly designed fitness programs.
  • dynamic workouts with varying levels of strength training, functional training, and/or cardiovascular conditioning depending on your individualized needs assessment.
  • instruction on techniques for safe and effective execution of various exercises.
  • ongoing fitness assessments to determine fitness status and provide benchmarks for ongoing improvement.
  • identification of muscular imbalances and development of corresponding corrective exercise plan to help alleviate chronic joint pain. Learn about corrective exercise.
  • trainer assisted stretching to improve flexibility, decrease soreness, and aid with injury prevention.
  • motivation and accountability in adhering to the program.
  • recommended exercise regimens to be done outside of sessions or when on travel.
  • help in realistic goal setting.
  • sessions conducted in a professional, dedicated, empathetic, knowledgeable, and positive manner.

Studio Training

Training is available at a private studio located Buckhead / Sandy Springs area. This studio provides an open layout with state of the art equipment and private changing areas. Sessions are available in 30 minute or one hour durations.


Mobile (In-home) Training

Need to save time or want the convenience of training from your home or office? No problem, I'll come to you. With the use of minimal equipment (adjustable dumbbells, resistance bands, etc.) and calisthenics, one can still achieve a remarkable level of fitness. Sessions are available in 50 minute durations and pricing is dependent upon your location. Contact me today for a quote.

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Nutrition Coaching

Many of you are at this website because you want some sort of body transformation whether it be fat loss, building muscle, or both. It goes without saying that proper nutrition plays an enormous role in whether you succeed as accomplishing your fitness goals can not be done by sheer brute force in the gym. In fact, regardless of the intensity, poor nutrition can negate most of the efforts logged from your workouts. However, in today’s world it can be a major challenge knowing how to structure one’s diet when we are constantly bombarded with new findings, varying expert opinions, pseudo scientific claims, and the latest fad diets. As a Certified Nutrition Consultant I can help you navigate the clutter and give you the practical knowledge to make the break-thru changes you are looking for. Furthermore, proper nutrition will not only improve the way you look, but can also make significant advances in your day to day performance and overall health. To learn more about these services click the link below.

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Complimentary Training Session

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