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Nutrition and Weight Management

Determine your calorie intake. Go to and follow the instructions to determine a calorie level that is right for you based upon your specific goals.

Meal Planning. The site Meal_Planning.htm from UCLA is a good source for learning how to structure your meals for optimal nutrition. The site was written for college students, however, the concepts can be applied towards any adult.

Sample Menus. Click here -> SAMPLE MENUS to display a collection of menus developed by reputable institutions that correspond to a variety of calorie levels and dietary preferences.

Estimating Serving Sizes. In order to meal plan successfully one will need to control their calorie intake by paying close attention to the stated serving sizes. Thus, please take a gander at the quick guidelines for estimating serving sizes.

       More Nutrition Resources


Exercise Guidelines. View the ACSM/AHA Physical Activity Guidelines to find recommendations developed by the American College of Sports Medicine in conjunction with the American Heart Association.