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Complimentary Training Session

Try out a training session for free with no pressure or obligations! Your training session will comprise of an abbreviated workout, assisted stretching, and a Q&A session.

During your consultation the following baseline fitness assessments can be provided on a voluntary basis:

  • Body Fat Testing. The relative portion of fat and fat-free (lean) tissue in the body can be estimated by measuring skinfolds. When body fat is determined along with body weight, an individual can evaluate whether their exercise regimen and diet is causing an increase or decrease in fat tissue. Additionally, body fat percentage is a variable used to determine risk for an assortment of chronic diseases (e.g. coronary artery disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc…).

  • Cardiorespiratory Tests. Assesses the heart function (i.e., oxygen delivery to the working muscles) and the ability of the working muscles to use the oxygen in metabolic processes, allowing for increased energy use.

    • Resting Heart Rate - Resting heart rate can be an indicator of cardiorespiratory fitness because it tends to decrease as one becomes more physically fit.
    • 3 Minute Step Test - Measures cardiorespiratory fitness by evaluating the recovery heart rate. The lower the recovery heart rate the more fit the individual.

  • Muscular Endurance. Primarily a push-up test to see where one stacks up to population standards.

  • Calorie Assessment. Determination of daily caloric needs and the recommended intake to meet one's goal.

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Complimentary Personal Training Session